If Web Development Is a Poetry

最近 open-ai chat 正火,隨便問了幾個問題,發現回答得滿好的,放上來娛樂一下


please use the words "php", "javascript", "html", "css" to make a poetry


In the world of the web,
Where browsers rule supreme,
PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS,
Come together to create,
A world of endless possibilities,
Where information flows,
And ideas take shape.

PHP is the engine,
That drives the backend,
Processing requests,
And generating responses.

JavaScript is the spark,
That brings the frontend to life,
Adding interactivity,
And enhancing the user experience.

HTML is the structure,
That defines the content,
Organizing information,
Into a coherent whole.

CSS is the style,
That gives the page its look,
Controlling the colors,
Fonts, and layouts.

Together, these languages,
Form the foundation,
Of the modern web,
Enabling us to create,
Innovate, and explore,
A world without limits.


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